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Each version has been designed for EV owners to store in their Glove box
so that when they drive up to a EV Charging Station and there is an EV, a PHEV or a Gas Car
Blocking the charging spot then they can rip off a sheet and leave it under the windshield wipers
of that particular car in the hopes to teach that driver the EV Charging Rules.

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Hello Fellow EV Owner,
If you don't want to buy a NotePad and want to print the #EVRULES yourself
then I (Sal Cameli) give you permission to copy-clip the text below and paste
into a word processor and print as many personal copies that you wish for your own use.
I do not give you permission to take this text below or on found on this page and make your
product to sell. Permission is granted only if the entire text below is used. You must
include both URL's at the end on your own printed versions. Thank You! Sal Cameli sal@ElectricSal.com

The EV Charging Rules
Every single Electric Vehicle(EV) that accepts a
Plug HAS the right to Plug-In and charge.

a VOLT, a NissanLEAF, a BoltEV, a Zero Motorcycle, a
BMWi8, Teslas, all PHEVs and BEVs. It doesn't matter
which car wether it's 100% Electric or if it takes gas as well.

If the charging space has a Plug that fits your EV then
you have the Right to Plug-In and charge.

But, You MUST be charging.

You have to Plug-In.

If you don't need a charge then
Do NOT park in a Charging Space.

If the "Parking Space" has an Electric Car Charging Station
otherwise known as an "Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment" (EVSE)
or an Electrical outlet to use your own EVSE then it is no longer
A "Parking Space" It is now a "Charging Space" You have to Plug-In
and you move when Full or the Charging time has expired.

If you're using a Level 2 (J1772) don't park in the
Level 3 DC Fast Charging space.

Make sure you're in the correct charging spot.

An EV with a Full Battery can park anyplace.

We don't need a Preferred Parking Space.

If you don't need a charge then Park with the
Gas/Diesel/Petrol Burning Cars.
That is Proper #EVetiquette

Exceptions: Long term commuter Bus / Train / Airport Parking Lots.
Obey the #EVsigns and make sure you PLUG-IN. Same Rules as above
If you don't need a Charge, Park with the Gas/Diesel/Petrol Cars!

If you check-in on PlugShare, Obey the #EVsigns, Vow not to be an #EVHOLE
Then you'll be on your way to being a Proper
EV Owner and showing good signs of #evEtiquette

Thank You!

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